Every Vanilla frame and fork is painted at COAT custom paint and design house.

Sacha worked directly with veteran painter Dick Speece and Jason Webber, master powder coater, to build Coat from the ground up. The goal is and has always been to maintain an environment in which to create something beautiful, durable and socially and ecologically responsible.

The traditional Vanilla palette is known for it's non-standard versions of standard colors. Burnt oranges, Okra, mustards and curries, creamy whites, brick reds, smooth dark brown, sky blues, warm grays and aquas.

Typically the customer will settle on a color direction with Sacha and leave the rest of the details open. No two Vanillas are the same and color application and balanced detail are two things that Sacha takes great pride in.

If you are out of state and will not be visiting the workshop, there are a few ways to pick your color:

  1. Send a sample of the color you are after. This can be a house paint chip, a piece of a postcard, a scrap of material etc.
  2. Go to a Dupont paint dealer and pick your color from the solid or metallic book (there are around a thousand color chips in all,) then give the code to us and we'll match it. The up side - you get to see all of the possibilities, the down side - the possibilities can be overwhelming.
  3. Find your color on a car and tell us the year and model. We like to choose colors this way, because you can get a more accurate impression when it is on a large surface rather than a tiny color chip.
  4. Tell Sacha the general color that you want, like "blue" or "red" and cut him loose. Nearly every bike on the site was done this way, so if you like what you see, this is probably a good option for you.